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8th May 2013 - SBK's expanding (waist)line up

We have the pleasure of introducing a new recruit to the SBK gang... Welcome Eve Roberts, who brings new textures to the SBK sound with her saxophone and clarinet and gives Dima a good run for his money when it comes to jumping about the stage. Come and see us live, bigger, better, noisier and more fun than ever!!!
She has actually been rehearsing with us for the past month and already played a handful of gigs, like the Deadinburgh ones at Summerhall where she became a zombie, so maybe not many noticed her (we did, 'though!). And of course, she was there with us at our album launch party, where we formally introduced her.

28th April 2013 - SBK's debult album is here!!!

We have finally released our self-titled debut album, on April 27th 2013. You can preview it in the player (top-right corner of the page), and you can order a shiny copy of this wonderful joyous silver circle within a square kind of thing from Bandcamp. The electronic "download only" version is also available on Bandcamp, on iTunes, and soon on all the other major online retailers.

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